Our Story

Our band has been playing together since 2014.  We specialize in rock instrumentals and popular hits with soaring vocal harmonies.  The band members have played in many other acts, including Mariah, 5 O'clock Charlie, Latitude Adjustment, Prohibition, Liquid Crush, and others.

Nick's Bio: 
"I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and in looking for something interesting to keep myself busy, I took up the guitar at the age of 9.  Move forward a few years and I began to discover players like Eddie Van Halen,  Randy Roads, and my main influence, Mr.Joe Satriani. I started playing in bands at the age of 15 to the dismay of my opera loving father. Today I'll admit that all the symphony, and opera music filled a corner of my mind that still exits there today. The first band that actually took off for me was a group named Mariah with my good friend Chad. We were primarily an 80s cover band. I'm still of the opinion that the 80s was the best time to be a guitar player. Learning to do solos was much more important then than now.  That group would have been big but like a lot of bands, there was arguing, and differences of opinion that couldn't be overcome. Was 4 years I would never give up. A lot of life later, I got the bug to perform again. The big idea was to be an all original act. I had a lot of songs rattling around in my mind and I felt that if didn't get them out,  I might never have a chance to be heard. I began looking for the ultimate singer and found a wonderful woman named Nicole Schmidt who had an amazing voice and was drop dead beautiful. Only problem was I didn't like her last name so I married her and changed it. Along came a man who would become a brother to me named John. He was a guitar player but had changed to bass out of necessity. Thank God for that because he's my bass player now. We had a few drummer changes through the years, but came to settle on a man whose become a great friend Randy. The newest member to the NIX but one of my oldest bandmates is Chad who decided to join the NIX after playing together in Mariah years ago. I'm so lucky to have these people in my life.  Not band members, but family."

Jon's Bio:  Coming soon!











Chad's Bio:  I started playing guitar in high school, inspired by bands like Journey, Styx, and Harem Scarem.  Then I met Nick and we played in Mariah for many years.  One of my fondest memories was the time I finished second in a guitar contest to win lessons from Joe Satriani.  But now I am excited to be back playing guitar with Nick.  I have also added backing vocals and keyboards with this band, so I keep stretching my musical limits.



Randy's Bio:  I started playing drums when I was 6 years old.  My brother Andy taught me some simple beats and I took it from there.  My brother, sister and I played at my Grandparent's anniversary party in 1974 shortly after I learned how to play and I Will never forget that day.  I played in bands such as Crimson Shadows, Iron Ridge, Prime Suspects, and The Culprits to name a few.  I followed the Nix for a while and every time I ran into Nick I told him I should be the drummer.  After a few months off and some more talk, here we are.  AS a band we are all on the same page and have a lot of fun playing together.

Nikki wows the crowd at Rockn' for Heroes